Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi (Title Revealed)

It has finally happened, the Star Wars Episode 8 title has been revealed and it is called “The Last Jedi.” According to Lucasfilm, there is plenty of symbolism in this title font of what is to come for the main continuity’s tone. Rightfully so considering that this is to be the Sequel Trilogy’s “Empire Strikes Back”

Since Episode 7 had the nostalgia factor riding for its success at the box office. I’m wondering if this will be the one to explain many of the mysteries from the previous one.

Will there be answers to Rey’s lineage?

Is Finn going to have better combat skills this time?

Will Luke Skywalker die?

Will the legendary characters do more than cameo apperances?

All of these things may or may not be resolved but this title most definitely has me thinking of different possibilities to have fun with. I’m sure there’s someone out there typing a fan-fic right now. All that is known is that everything we knew about Star Wars is changing and hopefully in December 2017, it will be worth the wait.

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