Friday Feedback Event happening this week!

We have something big happening this week for all who interact with our series. We’re going to play back your vms and read your emails on special Friday format.

This could lead to something excellent, all we ask is that you keep it clean in context, and the deadline is Thursdays at 8pm est for consideration.

The first Friday Feedback happens at 7pm this week.

The J360 PowerPlay#0: Prototype

The J360 PowerPlay#0: Prototype

As mentioned on The J-Man Show various times the PowerPlay series is coming back and J is using new techniques to produce it. Since I couldn’t get Bioshock to work with my PS4’s streaming this time I started playing a few levels of Doom instead.


There will be more to come as this series will take shape and if you couldn’t have made it for the live showing. It will be embedded here for you to watch and if possible submitted to my YouTube channel as well.


Thanks for watching, if you need access to our other links feel free to check them out below.

YouTube Link

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The Cyclone#12: “Summer League Woes” has landed!

The Cyclone#12: Summer League Woes

It’s about to be a transitional upgrade here at The Cyclone, The Eves of Football Season are upon us. So this episode is presented as a hybrid covering both NFL and NBA News. J and Dev learn that Alan doesn’t watch the Summer League, we discuss some of the craziest NFL Moments, and also Alan has another sports figure he despises while Dev attempts to create a team filled with Brandon Jennings on NBA 2k.

The J360 PowerPlay Live#30: Shattered Away!

The J360 PowerPlay Live#30: Shattered Away

Synopsis: J decides to chill out and play an old game from the past called “Shatter” which is Breakout with a unique twist.

Production Notes: We’re on the verge of bringing this series back to form, so things will look a bit weird but hey we’re getting better each time.

The Show is multi-streamed to everyone but the archives will always be available for viewing on our youtube channel here.

The Cyclone Ep.7 is broadcasting live! 

The Cyclone#6 is streaming live right now on

Come take a good listen at what the Cyclone guys are up to this week regarding the Warriors Win, and what the hell is going on with the Eastern Conference.


The Cyclone BBall - JBrady

(Click the image above upwards to find The Cyclone Live Broadcast)

Delays and Delays but plenty of updates

Hey J360 Legion

I know that we’ve gotten plagued with delays last week, and missed out on some much needed insight from The J-Man Show.  Fret not however because I’m giving you all another double special.

You’re getting both Episode 25 and 26 to listen to across Soundcloud, Mixcloud TunedIn, Google Podcasts, and Itunes.  We also have a new livestreaming set coming, and we’re prepping something new for YouTube.

We’ve much work in the process here at J360 Productions and we can happily tell you that it’s worth the wait.


Thursday: 05/25/17

The Cyclone Ep.6 is coming at 12pm.

Followed by The J-Man Show Ep.25 at 7pm.

 Friday: 05/26/17

Episode 26 is landing Friday at 2pm.

The PowerPlay is having a 2-hr livestream at 9pm.

We at J360, thank you all so much for your patience, and we won’t let you down.

The J-Man Show#19 has landed! 

The J-Man Show#19

Title: Mind Your Drama

Synopsis: This week J discusses a bit about the latest foolishness of Incompetence Inc, and takes a deep look into Modern Society’s Social Interaction problems, and wonders how we can recover from this bumpy decline. A thought provoking episode more so than a comical one but still very fun.

The J-Man Show Episode 18 has landed!

The J-Man Show Episode#18

Title: The Great Downfall

Synopsis:  This week J discusses “Hollow Victories” when battling Incompetence Inc, The Sony Pictures Spider-man Rumors, Redeems another bad movie, and addresses an issue with YouTube’s Advertiser Friendly backfire.

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