Song Of The Night: 02/22/18 Two for Thursday

Hey J360 Legion, you won’t believe what I have heard tonight from a new composer I found via the J360 playlist. He released a full this month and it is a glorious addition to my Synthwave collection. His name is Crusader and tonight we’re listening to three tracks from his latest album called “Rage Of Streets.”

First track is called “Game Start” feat. Straplocked.

Second track is called “Adrenaline.”

Final track for the evening is called “Streets Of Rage” feat. Glitterwolf

This whole album is incredible. The story that unfolds across all 11 tracks just shows how amazing that dedication and hard work can be. This is easily one of the top albums on my top 5 list for 2018.

If you love the sounds of Crusader and want to hear more, check out his page here. If you would like to purchase Rage Of Streets check out his bandcamp too.

Now excuse my while I battle through obstacles in life with this album on repeat.



Song Of The Night: 02/21/18 Wildcard Wednesday

The J360 playlist has stumbled upon some new sounds tonight.

While hanging around on the night shift, I have a fondness for the dark synthwave this band is creating.

their band name is Elay Arson, comprised of two artists named Daniel David Larson and Devin Harrison. As per usual with new artists we find. We’ll listen to two tracks from his library to give us an impression of their stock.

The first track is called “Cheveyo.”

Great vibes eh? Next up is called “Mescalero Prophecy”

Both tracks are pre-order previews from the duo’s upcoming album called “Spirit/Death.” In my opinion so far the album is on point in its direction and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

If you’re feeling the same way, show your support and check out more of their music here.

The adventure continues J360 Legion, and I will see you all again tomorrow night for the next entry.

Song Of The Night: 08/07/17 Monday Night Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

Time to pick up the pace with our Song Of The Night feature, I’m sorry that last week was filled with so many voids, I was busy constructing other features for this website and the J360 Channel.  As we all go through life, we’ll make mistakes but we can’t let them bury us into submission. We have to rise again and try to make sure that we don’t cause such problems anymore and stay ahead of the game.  It proves that we’re all human and we fall sometimes so that we can pick ourselves up again.

So let Monday Night be the restart and allow the music that follow to be the ignition.

Tonight’s track is called “Dimension Undefined” by Glitch Black.

Glitch Black sure knows how to take anyone on an adventure and remind them what the objective is in their lives.   If you love his sounds, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

For that harder edge, and determination we’re listening to the other side of Synthwave called Dark Synthwave.  Which if used properly can provide focus on the unknown and give you a sense of energy to make things happen and that’s what we need now.   Night or Day keep focusing on your goals and push yourself forward through your darkest hour.

Song Of The Night: 07/17/17 Monday Night Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

I’m still on the night shift, and making things happen for the J360 Line up this week. I hope you all took advantage of this Monday, and made it essential for your elevation.  We all have plenty to prove in making our lives livable and achieving our goals.  Since things are still in development around here there’s no better time to start then now.

The best thing is that we’ll listen to some awesome music along the way.  Whether it is night or day the grind is always calling so if you’re at your own forge tonight like me, you already know the circumstances.

Tonight’s track is called “Street Romance” by NightStop.

The Sixth track from his Return to Synth City Album.

If you love the sounds of NightStop, feel free to check out more of his work via his Soundcloud here.

We’ve got lots of work to do around here in J360 Productions but as usual it’s all worth it in the end.

Keep up the good fight and never give up in anything you want to do.

Songs Of The Night: 06/03/17 Saturday Night Swingin’

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Saturday Night, and before the PowerPlay lands tonight what’s say we set the mood with sone happening grooves?

I know there wasn’t an entry this Friday but you’re in luck cause tonight is a double special too.  Plenty of excellent content to hear tonight with a bit of Dark Synthwave.

Our first track tonight is “Murder at the Arcade” from Vulta ft Tablation.

If you’d like to hear more content from Vulta, his latest album Sigils is available now for listening.

Our 2nd track is “Our Dark Side” from Meteor.

This track is hot off of his latest album “Inner Demon” which you should all look into sometime as it’s perfect to help you through the long nights.

Please show love to the artists of the evening, their Soundcloud pages are provided in the list below.

  1. Vulta
  2. Tablation
  3. Meteor

Great tracks to prepare for the night and since it’s about 9pm, it’s almost showtime so for some of you that aren’t going out tonight see you on the PowerPlay.

Song Of The Night: 05/31/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to give May the big send off by listening to something awesome before we attend the grind today.  Since I’ve sent the listenings on Random, who knows what will come through the pipeline?  I’m guessing it will be something different than what we are used to which isn’t a bad thing.  Perhaps a bit of that dark Synthwave as if we’re battling through the mean streets of the 1980s with that right amount of grit.

Tonight’s track is called “Street Night” by Morgan Willis.

Another reason why the night life deserves a bit of love.

The real battles do happen at night and showcase the struggles of times to battle against a dystopian future filled with madness.  The resistance brought by a select few who refuse to follow the rules of an entitled class system and hoping for a better future by making a change in the present.

It can be done and only you have the willpower to make the change happen but will you?

If you love the sounds from Morgan Willis, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

No matter what time of the day, you can always use it to your fullest advantage to make anything happen. The Adventures continue until you hang up your gloves, J360 Legion so let’s make things happen!

Song Of The Night: 04/07/17 Friday Night Fever

Hey J360 Legion

I’ve finally found the right role for Friday to play on our music feature. Since a lot of you are already happy about it being this first stop before an epic weekend. Keep in mind that Friday always includes the grind so maintain and give the day its due.  That is unless the night is calling for you all to join within the darkness.

Friday night is when the party comes to life. A time for all of to transform into our final forms, and live it up for a few hours. Even if you’re on night shift you can make the most out of your grind once you hear this track.

Tonight’s track is called “You’re a Vampire” by Gonzalez.

Created in honor of the legendary 80s film “The Lost Boys.”

If you love the sounds of Gonzalez, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

A Brilliant song inspired by a movie that was true to form and epic in every way especially when it comes to the charm that Kiefer Sutherland put into the role.  The Lost Boys stands as a pinnacle of 80s Cinema and that reputation  lasts to this day.  You may even find a few vampires coming to turn you into something unique tonight as you join in the festivities as well.  However dawn is approaching soon so get out there and enjoy the night.

Song Of The Night: 01/13/17 Friday Night Darkness

Hey J360 Legion


Don your hockey masks, and get ready to go camping because it is Friday the 13th. In honor of the famed movie franchise we’re going to step into some Dark Synthwave. On this very day a young deformed child drowned in Crystal Lake due to the oversight of promiscuously ignorant counselors. Only to be avenged by the knife-wielding rage of his mother until she too was beheaded by a defensive counselor. Unfortunately Jason didn’t die that day and due to the death of his mother he decided to carry the hilt of a machete and continue on the legacy as both a deformed man (part 2-4) and an undead creature (Part 6 – current).

Despite the bloodshed, the story of the Voorhees is a tragic one at best because although both of them are monsters there was that devotion between them that drives both of their revenge plots and basically I don’t give a damn about the Victims involved.  I love these two monsters because it will show how far blood runs deep and should you cross them or their territory (Camp Crystal Lake), yours will hit the soil if you don’t run or do something smart to defend yourself… So let’s look into the playlist to see what horror elements the composers have brought to light.

The First Track is called “Murder Club” by DreamReaper.

The 2nd Track is called “When Darkness is Shining” by Darkshine

The 3rd Track is called “Searching for an exit” by Dark Circuitry

If you love the sounds presented in this article tonight, feel free to check out each composer’s Soundcloud provided in the links below.

Soundcloud Links



Dark Circuitry

Each composer has their own unique style in presenting the horror atmosphere don’t they? So we’ll just have to watch out for every corner surrounding us tonight to be wary of the creeps nearby eh?  Keep living it up J360 Legion and always be pushing yourselves to do more when it comes to creating and composing.  So you can be just like the ones featured in this article and if you are doing a Friday the 13th Marathon tonight, make sure you lock the doors, it won’t help you in the long run against Jason but at least you a few seconds of life to live as you’re running for dear life (and that won’t save you either).

Song Of The Day: 10/31/16 Halloween Style!

Happy Halloween J360 Legion

You’re going to be in for a treat rather than a trick because we’ve got a special song of the day to share, to inspire the monsters within you as you go about handling your grind today.  It’s another touch of the dark synthwave since the J360 monster fest is going to continue throughout all of November too. The haunting doesn’t stop in J360 Productions because October has ended because why settle for just 31 days when you can add another 30 or so? At least for J360 Productions standards.

Now before we go about building a monster or attempting to seduce potential mates using our vampiric wills, let’s get into the song.

Today’s track is called “The Midnight Massaquerade” from Night at the Metropol.

(Video shared courtesy of New Retro Wave.)

If you love the sounds of Night at the Metropol, feel free to follow their Soundcloud here.

Oh and before you get into the festivities tonight, take it easy, check your kids’ candy (if you haven’t already), wear plenty of make-up and handle your business because Halloween is finally here for you to lurk about and unleash your horrific best.

Let’s get gruesome!



Song Of The Day: 10/19/16 Wicked Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

We’re in the middle of the week, what say we bring on some more of that Dark Synth?

The hallow’s eve season is in full swing, and we need the electronic vibes to help us embrace the grind.  Since we’ve started off something awesome again with the Terrified Tuesday posting this one is called Wicked Wednesday.

Today’s song is something that’ll really get your blood pumping called “Speed of Darkness” by Quantum.  Lose yourself into the surreal void and travel as quick as possible because that’s where the momentum is.

(The Video is shared courtesy of NewRetroWave)

If you love the sounds of Quantum, check out his Soundcloud here.

Ghost and Ghouls won’t be able to stop after you’ve traveled through the day with the speed of darkness.

Now seize the day and bring home a win.