The Cyclone 19 and 20 are now on

This J360 Double Special includes the long awaited episodes 19 and 20 of the Cyclone.

Since it’s been awhile since the last Cyclone Episode, and now a quarter or so into the new NFL Season. The Cyclone crew looks into the games of week 4, discussing each Football team in the NFL along with their games and power rankings. They also look into their top 5 young quarterbacks that could rise into greatness as the league continues to thrive.

Production Notes: This episode was a little late but it’s been doubled up with Episode 20 to catch up in time for week 6.

The Cyclone#20: Personnel Ramble

After discussing games from the past, the Cyclone crew steps it up a notch to talk about how the new quarterbacks are holding up in the NFL season so far. Stupid General Manager decisions, and finally taking a look into the NBA Season that’s looming in the distance.

That’s right we’re discussing those personnel issues on the Cyclone tonight.



The J-Man Show#20 has landed!

The J-Man Show#20: Passing a (mile) stone

Synopsis:  On the 20th Episode, J revisits the Trump Watch Segment, Discusses what is better between Western and Eastern Animation, Discusses Character Evolution and how evil Nostalgia can be sometimes, and attempts to redeem a film from 2005.

Not too mention shedding some light on a new J360 Radio Series coming soon to accompany The J-Man Show.

Mighty Orbots Intro:

FPS Scene from the movie:

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J360 Live#21 is happening now!


J360 Live#20

Title: Rumble in Siren’s Alley.

Synopsis: Tonight we’re battling against the genetic freaks in Siren’s Alley. Apparently Sophia Lamb’s delusion has inspired a faulty religion to rise in the dystopia. The questions lead to why but must be resolved with barbaric tactics

Will J harvest another little sister?

Where is Eleanor Lamb?

Will Sophia Lamb give up?

What has Simon Wales been smoking?

Find out tonight on J360 Live!