The J360 MiniBytes#40: This is a Lock down?

This week J discusses returning to the dayjob, how Delaware’s lockdown doesn’t change much,and how he’s handling the Olympic cancellation.

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The Cyclone#40: NFL Cuts and Extensions 2019-2020

The Cyclone crew comes together to discuss the latest string of NFL Cuts and Extensions before the coming of the new season.

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The J-Man Show#40 has landed!

The J-Man Show#40

Title: Real Talk Retrospective

Synopsis: While finally reaching the 40th episode and crossing the 1 year milestone for J360 Radio. J looks back at what inspired the changes necessary to restructure J360 Productions from a dark place. He also looks into Net Neutrality woes and attempts to motivate and inspire other creatives out there who may not be pursuing their passion. Finally J will discuss the dark troubled moments in building the business while explaining what to do about toxic people and pushing yourself forward in trouble times for success.

Note: The following is the conclusion of a double special, and it is to serve as a motivational piece for all of you in case you have doubts.