The J360 MiniBytes#7: Roll with the New! (05/08/19)

J decides to revive the MiniBytes tonight to discuss a revamp of the show from Anchor.FM to Spreaker, and extending the show’s time to 15 minutes instead of 10. If we have time we’ll look into the Mueller Report, Godzilla: King of The Monsters, and have a laugh.

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The J-Man Show Episode 7 has landed!

Production Note: Had to delay for some production material but it’s finally here now!

Synopsis: J created a new segment for The J-Man Show called the J360 Spotlight where all creatives get to share their work and show off their talents to gain an audience. This week he interviews a rising music band from Delaware called Mark & Margo. They manage to create a new form of music and they are best described as an acoustic duo with raw talent. Both from very different backgrounds, with a rare musical connection.

Intrigued yet? Come Listen to Episode 7 and learn more about them.

Check out Mark & Margo on

Facebook: (You can also hear the Pennywise cover here.)

If you’re a performer/artist and liked to be featured on a J360 Spotlight Episode feel free to email via