The J360 MiniBytes#15: One Long Reach (07/30/19)

For another MiniByte J looks into the insane banal cluster of entertainment called the live action Disney movies, SJW MCU, and the Billion Dollar Mark.

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The J360 MiniBytes#14: Marvel Phase 4 and Hidden Agendas too? (07/23/19)

SDCC is over, and the Marvel Phase 4 has been revealed but what is this more comments from the LBGTQ side of things? J wonders what the fascination is but also explains a few things of why the talk in town is sometimes just talk rather than a major issue.

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The J-Man Show Episode 9 has landed!

Title: The J-Man Show#9: Executive Order 66 is FUBAR

Synopsis: This week J discusses the recent ridiculous turn of events from the past days under the 45th Retrograde aka Incompetence Inc. in Washington D.C. and discusses a bane to all creative media called Executive Meddling. He also discusses a way to stop Executive Meddling from ruining your films.

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