The J360 PowerPlay Live#30: Shattered Away!

The J360 PowerPlay Live#30: Shattered Away

Synopsis: J decides to chill out and play an old game from the past called “Shatter” which is Breakout with a unique twist.

Production Notes: We’re on the verge of bringing this series back to form, so things will look a bit weird but hey we’re getting better each time.

The Show is multi-streamed to everyone but the archives will always be available for viewing on our youtube channel here.


The J360 PowerPlay Live#26 is happening now! 

The J360 PowerPlay Live#26: Death’s Embrace

This is it everyone, the last temptation of Delta has begun. We are now to engage the enemy in the final struggle. At least we have help from Eleanor this time. Will Delta prevail? Or does Sophia have other plans for the Tin Titan?

The J360 PowerPlay Live#25 is happening now!

The J360 PowerPlay Live#25: Atone your sins

Fun Fact:  Gamers rejoice, J360 Live was always the PowerPlay, and since we’ve given this series a new direction. It has its true name back again!

Synopsis: We’re confronting more of Subject Delta and Eleanor’s past while seeing where they were first attached to the pairbond.  The lab that brought forth a bond between a Father and child yet started a unique war within the desolate under city.   We’ve caused much damage to get to this point and soon it will all come to a spectacular conclusion.

We must face our destiny on this episode of the J360 PowerPlay!

J360 Live#24 is happening now! 

J360 Live#24: When Prototypes Attack!

Synopsis: After getting out of Dionysus Park was nuts, we manage to land into another pit of hell from Delta’s past.  The place of his birth, Fontaine Futuristics the former company of Frank Fontaine (The villain of the first Bioshock).  Tonight we confront the one who made us into a walking hulk of destruction and learn more of Sophia Lamb’s sick game tonight on J360 Live#24!

Keep in mind we also have to battle other Alpha Series and creatures that have gone wrong in this level too.

J360 Live#21 is happening now!


J360 Live#20

Title: Rumble in Siren’s Alley.

Synopsis: Tonight we’re battling against the genetic freaks in Siren’s Alley. Apparently Sophia Lamb’s delusion has inspired a faulty religion to rise in the dystopia. The questions lead to why but must be resolved with barbaric tactics

Will J harvest another little sister?

Where is Eleanor Lamb?

Will Sophia Lamb give up?

What has Simon Wales been smoking?

Find out tonight on J360 Live!

J360 Live#20 is happening now!

J360 Live#20: The Pauper’s Drop Conflict

Synopsis: We’ve got one hell of an issue to take care of in Pauper’s Drop, Grace Halloway is attempting to stop our progress in finding Eleanor.  Will she succeed? Not as long as Delta holds his drill in one hand with plasmids in the other.  We’re going to win this ultimate battle with a bit of traditional J360 Humor and commentary.

Not to mention this is a 2 hour special!