Song Of The Day: 08/19/19 Motivation Monday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s been awhile since we’ve last visited the Song Of The Day feature, last week we were busy working on the layouts for J360 TV. However we’re going to restart this week just right by presenting another great track.

Matter of fact, since it’s Monday we’re going to need something to motivate us in the right direction which is why we’re bringing back a classic from the early days of this feature.

Today’s song is called “Resonance” by Home.

Taken from his Odyssey album, this song best defines how we’re all on a journey that only we can see and we have to keep reaching and working to get to it. Life is a grand adventure, and you only truly fail in it by giving up.

So get out there and keep fighting because remember whatever you’re trying to do or where you want to be, can be achieved at anytime and on any day as long as you travel far and long for it.

If you love the sounds of Home, feel free to check out his bandcamp here.

Songs Of The Day: 12/08/16 Three for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to do a double impact in your life today?  Start off with the right music.

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for the double trouble special. We do have some excellent tracks to share to you all today. Plenty of Electronic grooves, and synthwave rhythms. Now the question comes down to who is getting the spotlight today?

Our first track is called “Stellar” from Neon Overdrive.

The 2nd track is called “Eating Right” from Tape Loader feat. Syntax

It’s always a pleasure to go for Two on Thursdays but today let’s try for three.

Our third track is called “Microgravity” from Omronn.

If you love the beautiful music presented today, please support the original artists and  check out out each one’s Soundcloud page provided in the links below.


Neon Overdrive’s Soundcloud page

TapeLoader’s Soundcloud page

Syntax’s Soundcloud page

Omronn’s Soundcloud page

We’ve much to accomplish today, so keep pushing yourselves, and embrace the grind. Just like the artists you’ve heard today, if you keep applying your efforts, you will gain the results you seek.

Songs Of The Day: 09/24/16 Saturday Shuffle 

Hey J360 Legion

The weekend is here, and it is time for another song of the day. We’ve much to accomplish today, and it is important to have an epic playlist to back you up.

Today’s tracks have the perfect rifts, and rhythms to make the right atmosphere, and the first one is called “Bloom” by Soto.

Followed by the smooth sounds of “Foreign Exchange” by  Globuldub

Both of these tracks are shared courtesy of Electronic Gems, a website filled with different electronica, synthwave, and experimental artists.  The great futuristic artists on there never stop creating some astounding mixes and we should never stop doing the same in pursuing our goals.

let’s make a difference today!