J360 Album Of The Week: The Space Tapes by Syntax

Whilst working on some other J360 Productions, a good friend of ours named “Syntax” released a new EP today called “The Space Tapes.”

This album is ready to launch you into a new frontier to explore and embrace a whole new dimension where anything is possible throughout 19 tracks.  I don’t know how long it took him to create this masterpiece but it is a trip that you shouldn’t miss out on as interstellar travels lead to unbelievable destinations.

If you’re up for the journey, feel free to listen/purchase his album via his Bandcamp here or click the link below.

Shout out to Syntax for creating another hit album, I hope more excellent music comes from his house of ideas as we travel through space and time.

Song Of The Night: 08/07/17 Monday Night Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

Time to pick up the pace with our Song Of The Night feature, I’m sorry that last week was filled with so many voids, I was busy constructing other features for this website and the J360 Channel.  As we all go through life, we’ll make mistakes but we can’t let them bury us into submission. We have to rise again and try to make sure that we don’t cause such problems anymore and stay ahead of the game.  It proves that we’re all human and we fall sometimes so that we can pick ourselves up again.

So let Monday Night be the restart and allow the music that follow to be the ignition.

Tonight’s track is called “Dimension Undefined” by Glitch Black.

Glitch Black sure knows how to take anyone on an adventure and remind them what the objective is in their lives.   If you love his sounds, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

For that harder edge, and determination we’re listening to the other side of Synthwave called Dark Synthwave.  Which if used properly can provide focus on the unknown and give you a sense of energy to make things happen and that’s what we need now.   Night or Day keep focusing on your goals and push yourself forward through your darkest hour.

Song Of The Night: 05/24/17 Wildcard Wednesday x2

Hey J360 Legion

As you can tell I’m on the night shift right now.

It’s time to give another random performance from one of the best composers from the interwebs. Will it be from a genre that is experimental? Will it be from an artist that was never featured here before? Or something completely different?

So many questions and plenty of time to answer it but I won’t explain any further.

Today’s song is called “Nitelife” by Aysyne.

Aysyne’s work is always a pleasure to listen to, and this track is one of many excellent compositions.

Matter a fact as the night is young, let’s hear an encore performance from the man with another track called “Sound The Alarm.”

If you love the sounds of Aysyne, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

I know Thursday is usually the double hit day but the rhythm of the night is just to awesome for one track alone.  I’m sure those of you at certain jobs out there need something to liven you up during graveyard duties as I do.  Nothing to worry about as the night can be just as magical as the day especially when you have to do what must be done.  Right now let’s just rock the night away and make important things happen that the day shift people can only dream about (literally).

Song Of The Night: 05/20/17 Saturday Night Swingin 

Hey J360 Legion

What’s going on tonight? Seeing Aliens, Playing games, or chilling at home? Then again why not all three after all the night is young. Now is the time to go for your nocturnal adventures and the best way is by listening to the right music for inspiration. Since I’m going to be working the night away you all will need the right vibe.

Tonight’s song is called “Outrun the Murder” by Den Turner

The resonance from this song is amazing, and you gotta wonder how long the composer has been fine-tuning this track?

If you love the sounds of Den Turner,  please check out more of their work on Soundcloud here.

Now to start putting the finishing touches on another J360 project. I’ll be back with another selection tomorrow night.

Song Of The Day: 05/17/17 Wildcard Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve got an awesome song ready for today as the list is set to random. It’s amazing what you can stumble upon as you let the preferences run their course. Today’s subject will deal with a bit more love in your momentum. Truth is we could all use a bit more of it right?

Well look no further than this presentation for Wildcard Wednesday filled with some deep resonating vibes.

Today’s song is called “Hollow Love” by SNTHWVRS.

A beautiful track that actually matches the lovely day that we have outside right now. Course if you let the process grow and walk the path in front of you, you will find things aren’t so hollow and that you can make anything possible.  Be open to any possibilities that can come your way today.

If you love the sounds of SNTHWVRS, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

Never stop your self-improvement and sometimes randomness can be a good help to making more excitement in your progress.   Always maintain your direction and keep pushing forward into handling your grind and tasks for the day.



Song Of The Day: 04/12/17 Wildcard Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

We’re in the middle of the week so far, and things are looking a bit topsy turvy. Could it be good, bad, or just too wacky to define? Well no one know right off but I’m hoping for a good surprise because it’s Wildcard Wednesday. The one day of the week when randomness is the law in J360 Productions. This standard also includes our playlist being set to random and finding any track on the net.  So the question is who or what will it be today?

Today’s song is called “Rooftops” by Kalax.

Always good to hear new music from our old friends right?

Sometimes the shuffle can lead us to all sorts of new directions. Believe it or not, we need that randomness to make life more exciting. I had no idea that Kalax had plenty of new tracks in addition to this one, So if you love the sounds from this artist please check out his Soundcloud here.

Now whether things are good, bad or just chaotic? It starts with your mood for the day. Hopefully you can start off with a smile, and a laugh. Keep striving no matter what comes your way.

Song Of The Day: 04/11/17 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

The grind week is continuing strong, and here on Tuesday we’ll kick things up a notch. The name of the game is to try again and continue to make moves. Pushing yourself is the number one goal in life and that is what the grind week is about. Not to mention listen to an incredible song to inspire your journey.

Today’s song is called “From the Shadows” by Droid Bishop.

If you’re on your way to or at the grind right now let the momentum keep you pushing. Don’t stop if things seem challenging at this moment. Think of this song to keep you energy up. There’s more great music from this artist. So If you love the sounds of, please check out his Soundcloud here.

Don’t ever give up, you’re made to win and compete for greater things. You just have to walk the path to get there.

Song Of The Day: 04/10/17 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Let’s start a new adventure, Monday has another beginning set for all of us to take care of. No groaning or moaning about the grind, we have to give it some love too. Let’s make moves and strives to elevate us from the mundane. If you have a job that is mundane just remember that it is all leading somewhere. Never doubt your progress, and where it will lead you. Matter a fact motivation is what the Song Of The Day feature is all about.

I think you’ll find today’s presentation amazing and by the end, you will learn of another great composer just as I did.

Today’s song is called “Ignite” by Reeve.

Brilliant track, I hope Reeve’s song is giving you all of the hope you need to break through the grind. The best way to start off the week with the right mindset, and music. If you love the sounds of Syntax, please check out his Soundcloud page here.

The time for rehearsal is over, it’s time to perform, and show your true skills.

Songs Of The Day: 04/06/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Time to roll a few doubles, and get things back on track.  The J360 Playlist has found a couple of great songs (and excellent composers) to add some fire to your morning tasks because those jingles you hear at work just don’t cut it.  Since it’s almost grind time, let’s get this day started right!

A bit of Synth and motivation never harmed anyone especially from Robotron 1982, and Maya.  So we’re going to take a trip through examples of their discography right now.

Our first track is called “Arcade Vision” by Robotron 1982.

The title track from his EP of the same name released Last April.

I hope to hear more material from him as time goes on, and next up is a a new artist I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling upon when setting the playlist to random.

The 2nd track is called “Running to you” by Maya.

Maya also has an EP coming soon called Dangerously Hot.

Here’s the teaser for it, just to give you all an earful.

If you love the sounds from both musicians, feel free to check out more via their Soundcloud links below.

  1. Robotron 1982
  2. Maya

Amazing grooves from both artists today. I hope the music you heard is giving you the motivation you’ll need. The grind is never easy but the results we can pull from it can be a helpful experience. Make it all count by embracing, and learning from challenges to strengthen you.

Song Of The Day: 03/29/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Today’s going to be a wild one.

A random day within these bizarre times may seem a bit redundant but it can be essential. The middle of the week has landed, and this should aid in our stride or give us something to rock with. Possibly both considering that anything is possible. I’m feeling that message as I design another movie layout but enough about my grind. Let’s get you ready for your adventure with help from a new song.

Today’s track is called “New Horizons” by TimeCop1983.

Amazing vibes can bring out our best potential and by following that we can achieve the most accomplishments. Just like our composer today, listen to his rhythm resonate through you. If you love the sounds of TimeCop1983, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

There’s always darkness before the dawn, and as we’re in for a battle.

Be prepared to keep fighting for your place in the world.

Long as you believe in yourselves, no one can defeat you.