Song Of The Night 09/18/18 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

We’re going to do something a little different tonight, I’m letting our indie musicians chill out a bit to create something awesome while presenting something inspirational to ignite something in you all.

Sometimes when things get tough we need a “fight song” to keep pushing us forward and since I’ve been listening to some great stuff from other forms of media such as Video Games.  It’s time for that Turbo Tuesday motivation to kick in so we can get some work done!

Tonight’s song is made by legendary creator Mick Gordon (composer of the 2016 DOOM Soundtrack) feat. Omega Sparx and it’s one of the baddest tracks from the Killer Instinct soundtrack for TJ Combo called “Back to Rise!”

This song has hype written all over it, and just by listening to the greatness I’m ready to get some much needed projects out of the way.

If you love the sounds of Mick Gordon, feel free to check out his YouTube Channel here and show your support.  If you want to see what Omega Sparx is up to you can check out his page here.


Song Of The Day: 06/19/17 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

I know we usually start this feature on Sunday but I took some time off to spend it with family.  It’s time to get back into the swing of things and meet the grind head first. The best way to meet a Monday is to have motivation in the ignition and other than breakfast the finest energy comes from listening to the right music.  This is where the Song of The Day comes in, and we’re going to hear an excellent track from a top composer in the Synthwave movement.

Today’s song is called “Mega Fighter” by WaveShaper.

If you love the sound of WaveShaper, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

The future is very real, and while it can be scary we must fight for it in the present to make sure that it becomes an enjoyable one.  Apathy and complaining about the work week and the people we associate with will not be any aid to us.  So we must start today and work on getting our tasks done so that we can make things manageable for all of us.  This also includes dealing with the nightmare of things in Washington D.C. but never let even the most insurmountable odd stop you from going for your goals.

We all have work to do so let’s get to it Legion!

Song Of The Day: 02/06/17 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Wasn’t that a wild Super Bowl or what?

Looks like the Patriots made history again by getting their 5th ring and winning the game in overtime after the Falcons were dominating them in the earliest part of the game.  Plenty of people were talking smack about how the Pats were losing, including me but in the end we were all humbled because Tom Brady and Co. came back in a stunning formation to win out.  Not to mention that frumble against Matt Ryan really turned the tide of the game cause no one expected a comeback this good especially in Super Bowl 51.  Although it would’ve been the first time for a Falcons win, the Pats didn’t give up even as things were looking bleak it looked like a reverse underdog story or when Rocky Balboa had to fight against Clubber Lang.   No matter the comparison the Super Bowl went into overtime, and New England managed to pull a win.

I’m not a Pats fan by any means but I do know what’s it like to be in the underdog role as should all of you out there who are still struggling to pull a win.   Since it’s Monday let’s go for it again shall we?  Suit up, and prepare for another adventure besides we’ve got the Song Of The Day to back us up .  Today we’re going to have a chill song to listen to get us started today.

This song is called “Falling Into Place” by Home.

If you love the sounds of Home, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

If it seems like the chips are down, J360 Legion, you have to pick up the pieces and try again. Never give up under any circumstances.

Song Of The Day: 01/23/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

I hope your motivation suited you well by going back into the good fight.  We’ve got to keep it going as we cruise through Tuesday and let’s just make this week count no matter what.  I think today’s a good day for all of us to kick the notch to eleven.  It is the overdrive turbo day after all and I found the right song on the playlist to get that ignition going.   You never should stop in your elevation especially when your mind and spirit command you to keep going.

Today’s song is called “Infinite Chase” by Star Traveler

Star Traveler is another composer who is essential to the Synthwave scene, and the music presented here is good but there’s other tracks you should check out.  So if you love the sounds of Star Traveler feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.  I’m sure he’s still out there composing the next big hit for his library.

Just like his song states there’s always an infinite chase in creating, rebuilding, and striving for your goals.   Our goals are going to change over time and so is the manner in which we pursue them.  Never let anyone say that your dreams are foolish and you’re not good enough. Your goals are eternal just like your dreams and as we go for them, it will be much better than living a life full of regrets and what ifs.

So never quit, it is the worse thing than failing ever could be.


Song Of The Day: 01/23/17 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to start another grind week, we’ve got to handle the business, and get to where we need to be.  Monday is all about running our race and We’ve got to make more of an impact showing our potential to people who will open doors for us.  Let the motivation guide you through the storm and the darkness.  Unity is the goal for all of us to make this nation into something functional again (don’t depend on the Govt).  The right music is very helpful in giving us the perfect fuel to launch us into something great.

Today’s Song is called “Lucy” by Luovodifaberge

According to Luovodifaberge’s page the meaning of this song is

“An electronic music tale: LUCY is the story of the child who lives in all of us, tied to his dreams, even if one day he becomes an adult. This is the story of life, from the childhood till today, this is the story of deep connection with dreams that accompanies the child for so long until it comes true when his eyes finally know they see LUCY taking flight before him.”

“Give life to LUCY” – Luovodifaberge

If you love the sounds of Luovodifaberge, feel free to check out their Soundcloud page here.

That is what we need to do, we must give life to the energy within our dreams and work to make them into reality no matter what age we are, or a point in life we are.  We have to keep applying our efforts and only then can we make our achievements.  This is what goals are about an it doesn’t matter who is in the office or who is seemingly better than you, or any of these obstacles that are in your path.  You fell down before Legion but now it is time to suck it up and rise again for another round.

Song Of The Day: 01/20/17 Friday Boogie

Hey J360 Legion

Yep it’s that day when the Monster comes to Washington, but don’t let it bother you or scare you too much.   There are limits to his powers and the best thing is to be aware of what he does.  The number one thing you do is not let the fear persuade you into giving up on what you desire the most, you still have a livelihood to maintain and a goal to achieve.  Don’t let the government issues get in the way of where you see your evolution taking you, just keep pushing for better because you have yourself to focus on.  It will be a great battle to maintain diplomacy in a world where madness runs rampant and people refuse to take responsibility for their actions but it is all a test of how strong you can be.

So instead of worrying about this thing (I already covered it in The J-Man Show Ep.8) let’s listen to another Song Of The Day and focus on our own self improvement.  We’re going to ignite the fire and run another race.  Since we’ve all new this day was going to come and we have a lot to accomplish in one life time, let’s make the most of it instead of being scared.

Today’s Song is called “Arpnet” by Palm Highway Chase

The powerful vibes of Palm Highway chase ignite you and if you need more of a boost by listening to more of his sounds, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Regardless of who is the face of the nation, I am in control of my own life and well adjusted to making the right choices. So are all of you out there, so no more whining everybody let’s get out there and start pushing forward through this and living our lives well.  We can do this because in the end it really is up to all of us so don’t let this get you down, stand and fight.  Use the Songs of the Day to inspire you and keep hold of that vibe that they pulsate in you to strive and create beautiful work.

Song Of The Day: 01/01/17 Sunday Renewal/First Day 2017

Hey J360 Legion

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017.

Time to ignite the fire within we’ve got to push through the winter season again and have to start anew.  So let’s not redo 2016’s mistakes and go forward into the future with the help of an awesome track from an outstanding composer.  Starting today, we’re bringing in the best features we can for J360 Productions and now it’s time to be back in business.  Right now you’re going to need some strong music from one of the forebears from the music scene.  It’s a bit different from the synth sounds presented but variety is important and all music is connected but let the message show through the sound of this great artist.

Today’s track  is called  “Move on Up” from Curtis Mayfield.

Let the message help you unlock your potential, break your fears, and move on up.  Don’t just focus on your elevation for the new year alone but for the rest of your life.

The time to shine has come Legion.

Song Of The Day: 11/18/16 Friday Remixes 

Hey J360 Legion

Friday is upon us now but don’t get carried away remember TGIF?

The Grind includes Friday.

So let’s handle that business first before we get to the pleasures of the evening, and although it is vice versa for the night crew out there.  Matter a fact we’re all heroes when we go about seizing the day to get things done, and in the end it gets hard cause sometimes you may feel like you don’t get the respect or appreciation you feel you deserve..  That seems to be where most conflicts come from but that’s when you have to have self-appreciation and respect. Don’t bring yourself down with heavy jaded thoughts like that, because despite what others may say about you or your efforts, you do matter.

If that hope or spark in you has faded to make you feel jaded, today’s remix can possibly restore it. You’ll need something to keep you going and don’t forget how awesome each day can be instead of just holding out for Friday.  You’re a super star every day and it is up to you to keep this all in mind as you strive for greatness.

Today’s track is called “Superstar” by Pegboard Nerds, Nghtmre, and Krewulla, and remixed/arranged by Alexi.

If you love the sounds from all of the creators on this track, feel free to check out more of their work on these links below.

Pegboard Nerds’Soundcloud

Nghtmre’s Soundcloud

Krewella’s Soundcloud

Alexi’s Soundcloud

The synergy is strong within all four of these creatives, and should serve as an inspiration.  Never doubt yourselves as you go through each day.  Keep pushing yourselves and go for your dreams. Be the heroes and leaders you all know you’re able to be, and perform well.  I know how rough the road can be but it’s what shapes and grows us into something better.  Handle the adventure today legion, and then you can party the night away or vice versa for those of you that have to handle the Batman shift. Make your grind and adventure more than mundane.



Song of the Day: 09/12/16 Rise and Grind!

Hey J360 Legion

Another Monday has landed and it is time to handle that business.

Today’s song is actually a movie classic theme, and a lot of you will recognize it from the opening riff alone. It’s time to tie your shoes and prepare for your adventure because you’re gonna fly now. Let’s prepare just like Mr Balboa because we have to rise and go the distance  in order to make it.  This song is legendary and a staple for everyone who needs that motivation in their lives to get everything done.

Let’s make it big today, People!