J360 Radio is now syndicated!


J360 Radio now syndicated - JMBrady

Hey J360 Legion, It’s been exactly one year since J360 Radio started and I’ve always been trying to make sure that you can all reach out and listen to our content on multiple platforms in addition to just one. Now that wish has been granted as we’re syndicated across multiple platforms in addition to Soundcloud and YouTube.

You can download/review/rate, and subscribe to J360 Radio via these links below.

(Soundcloud): Https://soundcloud.com/j360productions (you can now download all episodes)

(Mixcloud) https://mixcloud.com/j360productions (You can’t download but can listen and stream)

(Itunes)  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/j360-radio/id1179220591?mt=2

(Google Play Podcasts): https://play.google.com/music/m/Iztnszfxupmfeqqk5mtylekdcam?t=J360_Radio

(Stitcher Radio): https://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=129020&refid=stpr

(Tunein Link): http://tun.in/pikyE

(Spreaker) www.spreaker.com/j360productions


The J-Man Show hits 1 year milestone! 

The J-Man Show 1st year celebration speech. If you click the link below you’ll hear the speech and new plans for J360 Productions in the future


The J-Man Show Double Special is here! 

This collection includes Episode 35, and 36 of The J-Man Show in a complete package.

The J-Man Show#35: Retrogaming with NFG

Synopsis: This week as part of a J-Man Double Special, J takes a look into the Jemele Hill debacle facing Donald Trump and decides to venture into retrogaming while designing the new PowerPlay Reboot. He begins to look into a favorite pro wrestling game of his while discussing fond memories of the legendary gaming companies: SNK and Capcom.

Plenty of reminiscing is happening in this episode, so you won’t want to miss out.

The J-Man Show#36: Contemplative Indignation

Synopsis: While re-recording Episode 36 for the Double Special, J looks into an incident from Instagram live and begins to think about Society’s first world problems. He begins to look at how hypersensitive people can be when it comes to nice compliments, and sees how a certain 3rd wave movement while intended for good is causing a lot of problems.

Is feminism dividing us in a time when the world needs more healing? Why are so many people angry? and is there an endgame to all of this infighting happening within our citizens?

Find out in Episode 36, and this is the conclusion to the J-Man Double Special.

Production Notes: This is a black label episode, and does discuss topics considered mature and political in its nature.


The Cyclone Double Special

Hey J360 Legion!

This playlist represents the latest entries from J360 Radio.
It contains The Cyclone#13 and 14.

The Cyclone - JMBrady copy


The Cyclone#13: Them Busts Tho!

Synopsis: The Cyclone Episode 13 is here, and the transition to the NFL Season is complete. As the Cyclone crew say their official goodbyes to the NBA Coverage until next season, they discuss about the potential in players, Off-season Trade claims, The Nightmare in Cleveland, Why you should never depend on the draft, and plenty of busts if time allows.

The Cyclone#14: Offside Predictions

Synopsis: Welcome back to the Cyclone, picking up from where they left off in Episode 13. The Cyclone Crew switches to football coverage to speak about some presumptions they have regarding the AFC teams this year along with poking fun at different coaching systems and players along the way.

Are you excited yet? Listen to both presentations below.