The J-Man Double Special has landed!

This following playlist includes The J-Man Show Episode 45 and 46 which functioned as a Double Special for the J-Man Series.

The J-Man Show#45: Loose Ends

Synopsis: By working on new experiments and testing out Fridays at J360’s Prototype. J lost track of time and inadvertantly created a backlog of multiple episodes from The J-Man Show, The Cyclone, and other projects. So he in doing so to alleviate the load, he begins to attest some loose ends that have piled up during the production of the J-Man Show. Some include his problems with Spider-man Homecoming, Top 5 Guilty Pleasure/B-Movie Films, and his overall issue with moviegoers, film criticism, and the industry in general.

The J-Man Show#46: Valentines Day Special Mk.2

Synopsis: Welcome to the J-Man Valentines Special Mark.II

Picking up from Episode 45 as the 2nd half of a J-Man Double Special. J once again looks into the mind of Valentine Naysayers and begins to discuss why they act the way they do. He’ll also speak about why you shouldn’t pay attention to social media, how to go about dating in the 21st century, and why a loss is sometimes a gain when it comes to matters of the heart. This is all about stepping up and going on dates to take control of your situation instead of hating Valentines Day.

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The J-Man Show Ep.44 has landed!

The J-Man Show#44

Title: Popularity Be Damned!

Synopsis: The J-Man Show is back and this time J discusses trends and Popularity and how it affects our society. He will talk about three different forms of Popularity from “General Popularity” “Fool’s Popularity,” and The ever elusive “Genuine Popularity.” He’ll expose why it can be a trap for many and how just being yourself along with acceptance of yourself can be all you need to survive in a toxic landscape. Finally J discusses “The Humble Effect” an arrogant person’s greatest nightmare.

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Editorial: Don’t live in Fear.

So much time has passed but I have enough I need to say. Plenty of humiliation, bigotry and mindless rhetoric is being thrown around outside and it beyond toxic. If 2016 was a poisonous year then 2017 was its higher dose to spread the sickness further.
However I’m going to keep being me, standing up for what I believe in regardless of FCC Rollbacks, Trump’s Agenda, and other issues facing my home country now.
It’s time for all of you to rise and be the heroes in your own communities and stop the pettiness. Ask questions, investigate everything, throw away apathy, and become more than anyone ever anticipated. People say there’s no hope and no one can make a difference.
Those are the words of a defeatist, we all can make a difference but we have to get involved and punch through the delusions and lies of the opposition. I choose to live but it will never be in fear. The sun is up outside and the landscape is beautiful . I won’t waste anymore time about anything counter productive. I will not let selfish people dictate my lifestyle as I will live more now than ever.
Society may have never wanted me but I know my worth and what I can bring to the table. I’ll be the hero that the people who respect me needs, and standing up to phonies while not letting the system break me is the right mentality We may have to endure this up to 2020 but nothing is ever over until we say it is. That is our power, and it’s called your will so don’t let anyone else tarnish your spirit and time here. .

The J-Man Show#37 has landed!

The J-Man Show#37 has landed on Soundcloud, Itunes, Google Play and Spreaker!

Title:  The VGM/DCEU Roundabout

Synopsis: After looking into some movie trailers and seeing that Tomb Raider is getting a reboot. J discusses some of his favorite Video Game Movies and looks into many fun ways to rethink and discuss story writing for different films. He’ll also mention some video game movies he didn’t care for and discusses some qualms about the DCEU, and why even if you dream it we’ll never escape comic book or video game movies.

The J-Man Show#34 has landed! 

The J-Man Show#34: The Two-Bit Ramble

Synopsis: The J-Man Show Episode 34 has landed, and this time J decides to talk in a random ramble forum discussing where he’s been for the last week, Filmmaking Goals, Marvel and Star Wars Drama (Inhumans and Episode 9) New Ideals, How creatives could handle criticism, and YouTube digging itself into a new whole with their iron grip on content and demonetization.

This episode is a bit shorter than usual and freeform as we’re starting the process again.

The J-Man Show Ep.32 has landed! 

The J-Man Show Returns with Episode 32, and this week J discusses the latest happenings in J360 Productions, The 45th Retrograde’s North Korea Debacle, The Mass Dysfunction happening in Society, the Generation gap, and the Workforce. He’ll also try to provide his insight on how we can all recover from it and why not to fear the vicious cycle happening in our social climate as we brave the storm day by day.

Production Notes: This is a Black Label J-Man Episode which focuses on more real talk than humor but if you are an adult trying to make it, you might want to have some words to live by.

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The J-Man Show Ep.29 has landed! 

The J-Man Show Ep.29

Title: The Evils of Fandom

Synopsis:  The J-Man Show#29 has landed, and this time J takes the show on the road (literally) to discuss something vicious in our society. The evils of Fandom called “Fandumb” where no matter what creative thing you do, the evil version of your fanbase will hate you for it. J attempts to speak how this condition has come about into our lives, what can we do to stop it, and asks the critics the main question “if you can do better, why won’t you?”

Production Notes: Butts will be hurt in this episode, but you’ll be fine and J does love his fans.

Election Day Editorial: Wake-Up Wednesday 11/09/16

Hey J360 Legion

It’s a tough pill to swallow regarding the Election Day fiasco but in the end if you think of it, the country is still facing too many issues.  This is just another one of those bitter things that happen in life, and despite some of the movies, 2016 hasn’t been a good year for a lot of people regarding these circumstances.   Although the govt is going though these same problems, I still have optimism and faith in my country. I love the USA and that will never change despite some of the idiocy and rampant ridiculousness that takes place from time to time.   Sometimes things have to get worse in order to get better and I believe plenty of others are going to get a severe wake-up call from all of this unexpected news.  Don’t let yesterday’s outcome ruin today’s progress though you don’t all live through the government do you?

Like outside of the obvious things, you do make other independent choices like where you want to work, go to college, and etc, right?

I’m talking to the ones out there who are capable not the unfortunate ones who have to live though government assistance due to illness and etc…you aren’t forgotten, make sure if you’re able to speak on your behalf, do so if the govt attempts to wrong you in any way (you still have a voice).   Make sure you’re getting the best care because you don’t deserve to live in a lesser life than anyone else.

Now for those of you who are abled body and are capable to take action.

We all truly live through the sacrifices we put in and give to the worldview or lifestyle we create. Our government exists to handle other things and should serve as a foundation. It’s a necessary entity we all have to work with and try to understand. Sure we’ve got a joker in there now but the thing is he’s a figurehead that serves as a link between us and our government.  He doesn’t run anything without the congress and if we as the people pay close attention to what he does, perhaps we might have a strong say against some of the outlandish things he may plan. Believe in freedom but understand that the cost of it is high, and we must be willing to pay to maintain such.  The idealism should be enough to note that we’re all striving to achieve our goals and we all want to make our achievements.

Now as Americans we can either choose to whine and live in fear about all of this, or we can do better, improve ourselves, and try never to make the same mistakes again.  I’m not just talking about Elections, I’m talking in general. You all know what you’d love to do and what you can do to make your lives better but it will take all of you and the willingness to take a risk to make it happen.

Start anew today and no matter what, remember you’re all you have and the choices you make matter. You may even inspire the future to do the same so try to leave a strong legacy regardless of the lunacy you face.