The J360 PowerPlay Live#27 is on-air!

The J360 PowerPlay Live#27

Title: Let’s go to Greece

We’re going to on a different adventure in the PowerPlay show tonight. ¬†Stepping into the Sandals of Kratos, we’re going to be causing some strife as we battle against the monsters of myths and legend. ¬†So strap on the blades of Chaos and prepare to bring fatalities to some of the strangest foes alive as we serve the Gods of Olympus.

Let’s kick some ass here on the J360 PowerPlay, Multi-streaming across a variety of different sites.



The J360 Live Stream: Big The Cat with a Side of Sonic.

Synopsis: J is playing Sonic Adventure again and begins to present his insights on the upcoming issues while attempting to finish off Dr.Eggman while trying to play Big The Cat’s Storyline, but is managing to take care of Sonic’s storyline as well in the 2nd half.

So let’s do this J360 Legion!