The J-Man Show#127: Ain’t Afraid of No COPPA

This week the J-Man looks into the fear surrounding COPPA, and YouTube. He will try to unravel what could go wrong but also bring about what you could do to fight it all so you won’t gain any penalty fees. He will also look into the rise of Black Fridays, and Thanksgiving.

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The J-Man Show Ep.53 has landed!

The J-Man Show#53

Title: Superhero Fatigue

Synopsis: Welcome to Episode 53, J360 Legion this week J is on the road to infinity war by re-watching the old Marvel movies. He’ll also speak about the latest string of Superhero  Fatigue brought on by naysayers, and other people who dread the coming of Marvel movies. He will also speak in response to what James Cameron has said regarding “Avengers Fatigue” and how it is similar to what Steven Spielberg said it will fade away like the Western genre. There’s also a matter of J speaking about variety in film media and how if we want to break the system that surrounds us and do new things, then we have to work for it and not talk about it.

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The J-Man Show Episode 14 has landed! 


The J-Man Show#14

Title: Stop that damn lying!

Synopsis:  This week J looks into the recent pivot/calmer tone of the 45th retrograde and speaks about why he’s not buying it or anything from the political climate right now. He  also touches base on the 21 announced films of the DCEU, the craziness regarding the Oscars, and speaks about the mainstream movie market and why it isn’t taking risks. While J attempts to get through the latest smog of lying, he gives his comical insight along with providing an optimistic view about how other aspiring artists can make it by writing for the media.

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The J-Man Show Episode 7 has landed!

Production Note: Had to delay for some production material but it’s finally here now!

Synopsis: J created a new segment for The J-Man Show called the J360 Spotlight where all creatives get to share their work and show off their talents to gain an audience. This week he interviews a rising music band from Delaware called Mark & Margo. They manage to create a new form of music and they are best described as an acoustic duo with raw talent. Both from very different backgrounds, with a rare musical connection.

Intrigued yet? Come Listen to Episode 7 and learn more about them.

Check out Mark & Margo on

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