J360 Radio has landed on IHeartRadio!

It’s official J360 Legion, we’ve finally landed on IHeartRadio.

You can listen to all new Episodes of The J-Man Show, The Cyclone, and J360 Radio Live onto their platform via the link below. To stay in step with any new developments we’re doing feel free to follow/subscribe to us too.


I can only imagine where we grow from here, and on behalf of the team I want to thank all of you in the J360 Legion,The podcasting community, and new fans worldwide you’re all awesome and you keep us focused.

The J-Man Show#47 has landed!

The J-Man Show#47: Guns, Lies, and Black Panther

Picking up from The Cyclone Ep.27, J brings Episode 47 to complete the J360 Radio Double Special. This time J discusses the endless debacle on Gun Control Issues from society and how the 2nd Amendment can be wrongly enforced or utilized to support various agendas based on its vague statement. While he believes in self-defense, he knows there needs to be a policy or regulation of some kind in play that could support people. He also attempts to uncover why the policy may not come into play anytime soon. In a lighter subject he discusses Black Panther and how it sets the bar for minorities that create to stop being afraid of rejection and make their movie dreams come to life. He also describes why Black Panther is a much needed movie in these troubled times as well and also gives racism a swift kick in the ass.

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The J-Man Show#41: Internet Black out

Title: The J-Man Show#41: Internet Black Out

Synopsis: After finishing off an amazing Turkey Dinner and relaxing away the Black Friday events. J learns of an issue that could change the way Americans can enjoy their daily media consumption. The current FCC chairman wants to roll back the Net Neutrality rules for big business to have total control on how the internet can be used.

J decides to discuss how it can affect all of us and what we as a people can do to prevent the issue and prepare for a big fight as the decision happens on December 14th 2017.

To participate in the fight check out these two links

Special thanks to PBS News Hour for the archival footage.

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J360 Radio is on Mixcloud.com

Hey everyone, this is J.

I know you’ve probably heard about Soundcloud having business issues not too long ago where it was saved at the last minute and ousting the (former) CEO.

So we at J360 Productions have a contingency plan in play to resolve any issues that may occur from Soundcloud or our YouTube (Yep they’re still digging a hole too).

MixCloud_LogoThe resolution is that I’ve made a Mixcloud to keep things stable since we haven’t moved to any other podcast outlets (like Podbean or Podomatic) yet.   While no website is perfect (especially if you put your own media on it) this is a good course of action to go for now.

Not saying that we’re going to stop putting our content on YouTube and Soundcloud but in case problems come up and the pages mysteriously disappear at least you’ll know of another area to go to.

So if you love our Radio content and would like to stay in the loop.

Click the link here.

We’ll be back with The J-Man Show#34 landing tomorrow at 7pm Est.

I’m sure plenty of you are concerned about our video content, and I will follow up another discussion about that later.

Alternative Programming Schedule#2

Hey J360 Legion

It’s been a quiet week on this page eh?  No Songs, No News, No Movie Talk…

Well no worries, we’ve just been busy with other pursuits as of late what with College coming back into some of our lives. So things have been kinda irregular around J360 Productions especially with this week’s content.

So I’ve devised an alternative programming schedule for this weekend.

Friday at 1pm:  The J-Man Show#33

Saturday at 1pm: The Cyclone#18

Sunday will be a return to form for all of us as I’m hoping to get the backlog out of the way, and the adventure can continue again.

Thanks for being patient with us.


Mayhem and Chaos in Charlottesville, VA.

“White Lives Matter!”

“You will not replace us!”

“Jews will not replace us!”

“Blood and Soil!”

Words shouted with vigorous rapport filled with bitterness, anger left and hate.

Charlottesville, VA –  On Aug 11 at 10pm, hundreds of Caucasians from Alt-Right, White Nationalist, and Neo-Nazi organizations gathered on the eve of a rally called “Unite the Right.”

Together they marched with torches in hand throughout the University of Virginia – Charlottesville campus with a desire to let their message known of how they felt about the removal of confederacy statues from Emancipation Park.

Only for chaos to ensue as soon as they encountered a counter-protest group at the Rotunda near a statue of Thomas Jefferson.

The Group encircled the Counter-Protesters and proceeded to attack them until Police intervened to stop it.

On the following day: Aug 12 at 11am, an hour before the rally was to start.

Protesters and counter-protesters faced off exchanging kicks, punches, and deploying chemical sprays or water bottles at each other.  One of the Protestors drove a car into at least 19 Protestors causing vehicular manslaughter by killing a 32-year-old woman and multiple damages by injuring 19 people.

Not too far from the incident, a Virginia State Helicopter crashed killing two troopers who wanted to assist with keeping the public safe from the violence.

The car was described as a 2012 Dodge Challenger and it plowed forward into the crowd of counter-protesters while reversing to run over more.

This incident along with the street fighting led to 19 people injured as the Virginia State Police broke up the conflict.

An hour later the Governor of Virginia issued a State of Emergency.

According to the University of Virginia Medical Center, 5 of the 19 injured are in critical condition.

The driver of the Challenger has been apprehended by Virginia State Police and charged with Vehicular Manslaughter, three counts of Malicious Wounding, and Failure To Stop. He’s currently held at Albemarle-Charlottesville County Regional Jail.

A joint investigation by Virginia State Police, Federal Aviation Administration, and the National Transportation Safety Board is looking into what caused the Helicopter crash.

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi (Title Revealed)

It has finally happened, the Star Wars Episode 8 title has been revealed and it is called “The Last Jedi.” According to Lucasfilm, there is plenty of symbolism in this title font of what is to come for the main continuity’s tone. Rightfully so considering that this is to be the Sequel Trilogy’s “Empire Strikes Back”

Since Episode 7 had the nostalgia factor riding for its success at the box office. I’m wondering if this will be the one to explain many of the mysteries from the previous one.

Will there be answers to Rey’s lineage?

Is Finn going to have better combat skills this time?

Will Luke Skywalker die?

Will the legendary characters do more than cameo apperances?

All of these things may or may not be resolved but this title most definitely has me thinking of different possibilities to have fun with. I’m sure there’s someone out there typing a fan-fic right now. All that is known is that everything we knew about Star Wars is changing and hopefully in December 2017, it will be worth the wait.

Announcement and Updates: 11/15/16

Hey J360 Legion

Man, Reconstructing and re-focusing your efforts takes a lot of time doesn’t it?

Well it all pays off in the end but I’m going to tell you guys some information regarding what’s happening next in J360 Productions.

Other than writing the next three short films, I am working on another series for J360 Radio, The Twitch Stream is getting some love, and the PowerPlay returns on December 8th.

Today in general is all about the production of these series as we’re give 2016 the heave-ho. Those of you that enjoyed some of our exploits on Twitch.TV will rest assured that I am going to do another midnight stream from Friday into Saturday night playing Doom.  It must be done as I do need to keep my word regarding the Monster Fest for this month. Regarding the PowerPlay Series, the games will be PS1 and PS2 classics keeping with the Retro Saga.  A couple of hints are you’ll see me and an old friend play through one story,  and I’ll take my favorite superhero out for a spin as he has a movie coming out next year.

Now for the new radio series, I am steadily working and giving the new series direction and a strong presence. We’re going to have the pilot show ready today at 1 pm and I’ll be testing it all out via Mixlr.com/j360productions.   I will announce where our Episode archives will be uploaded on the show and as for convenience you’ll be able to find them on our website as we get a few more episodes in the tank.  For you Cyclone fans out there, I’m still modifying the series so I haven’t turned my back on that property yet.

Outside of production, viewer/listener interaction via social media is a bonus for me,  it is something we’ve experimented with when we did Fridays @ J360 Productions. So good news in J360 Radio, You can engage with me and the team to ask questions as we go about producing this new product.  I will tell you all that it will have more than a handful of episodes.  I may be thinking a bit far ahead but If you’re a musician or a band that would like some airplay as we evolve the series, feel free to send us an email at J360productions@outlook.com or DM us on Twitter: @j360productions.

We’re always looking to connect and network with plenty of people from different outlets so don’t delay.