The J-Man Show Ep.64 has landed!

The J-Man Show Ep.64: Remaster This!

This week J looks into some games that should be re-released on Next-Gen consoles. His thoughts on getting some retro technology, Hanging out at the Flea Market, A New Production Schedule for the J360 Shows, thoughts on some what if gaming ideals and then what the hell is going on with the J360 PowerPlay.

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The J360 PowerPlay Live#27 is on-air!

The J360 PowerPlay Live#27

Title: Let’s go to Greece

We’re going to on a different adventure in the PowerPlay show tonight.  Stepping into the Sandals of Kratos, we’re going to be causing some strife as we battle against the monsters of myths and legend.  So strap on the blades of Chaos and prepare to bring fatalities to some of the strangest foes alive as we serve the Gods of Olympus.

Let’s kick some ass here on the J360 PowerPlay, Multi-streaming across a variety of different sites.


J360 Live#21 is happening now!


J360 Live#20

Title: Rumble in Siren’s Alley.

Synopsis: Tonight we’re battling against the genetic freaks in Siren’s Alley. Apparently Sophia Lamb’s delusion has inspired a faulty religion to rise in the dystopia. The questions lead to why but must be resolved with barbaric tactics

Will J harvest another little sister?

Where is Eleanor Lamb?

Will Sophia Lamb give up?

What has Simon Wales been smoking?

Find out tonight on J360 Live!

J360 Live is happening now!

Hey J360 Legion

As I said before we’re going to finish up Sonic Adventure today, so I’m making time and streaming the last J360 play through of this great game.   That is unless the environment kills me in the process (haha) well outside of that we’re going to finish up Sonic’s story and then take on the (not-so) hidden final story of the game.