The J-Man Show Ep.64 has landed!

The J-Man Show Ep.64: Remaster This!

This week J looks into some games that should be re-released on Next-Gen consoles. His thoughts on getting some retro technology, Hanging out at the Flea Market, A New Production Schedule for the J360 Shows, thoughts on some what if gaming ideals and then what the hell is going on with the J360 PowerPlay.

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The J360 PowerPlay#0: Prototype

The J360 PowerPlay#0: Prototype

As mentioned on The J-Man Show various times the PowerPlay series is coming back and J is using new techniques to produce it. Since I couldn’t get Bioshock to work with my PS4’s streaming this time I started playing a few levels of Doom instead.


There will be more to come as this series will take shape and if you couldn’t have made it for the live showing. It will be embedded here for you to watch and if possible submitted to my YouTube channel as well.


Thanks for watching, if you need access to our other links feel free to check them out below.

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The J360 PowerPlay Live#27 is on-air!

The J360 PowerPlay Live#27

Title: Let’s go to Greece

We’re going to on a different adventure in the PowerPlay show tonight.  Stepping into the Sandals of Kratos, we’re going to be causing some strife as we battle against the monsters of myths and legend.  So strap on the blades of Chaos and prepare to bring fatalities to some of the strangest foes alive as we serve the Gods of Olympus.

Let’s kick some ass here on the J360 PowerPlay, Multi-streaming across a variety of different sites.


The J360 PowerPlay Live#25 is happening now!

The J360 PowerPlay Live#25: Atone your sins

Fun Fact:  Gamers rejoice, J360 Live was always the PowerPlay, and since we’ve given this series a new direction. It has its true name back again!

Synopsis: We’re confronting more of Subject Delta and Eleanor’s past while seeing where they were first attached to the pairbond.  The lab that brought forth a bond between a Father and child yet started a unique war within the desolate under city.   We’ve caused much damage to get to this point and soon it will all come to a spectacular conclusion.

We must face our destiny on this episode of the J360 PowerPlay!

J360 Live#19 is happening!

J360 Live#19: Man or Monster?

Game: Bioshock 2

Synopsis: This time J is battling through the evils of Sophia Lamb and facing the moral dilemma to save or harvest the little sisters. He’ll also need to gain some new power ups along the way as he’ll be running through Pauper’s Drop and facing a new kind of Splicer.

J360 Live#13: Fort Frolic Escapades!

Hanging out in Fort Frolic, let’s see if I can get out of this thing alive or will a Big Daddy finally finish me off for good?

Remember it’s kill or be killed in the dystopian undersea city of Rapture.

The J360 Live Stream: Big The Cat with a Side of Sonic.

Synopsis: J is playing Sonic Adventure again and begins to present his insights on the upcoming issues while attempting to finish off Dr.Eggman while trying to play Big The Cat’s Storyline, but is managing to take care of Sonic’s storyline as well in the 2nd half.

So let’s do this J360 Legion!

The J360 PowerPlay#31: Dawn of the Samurai!

Welcome back to the J360 PowerPlay!

It’s near fall and that means the J360 PowerPlay is back on the air. Since J’s PS3 has had an unfortunate accident it’s time to go retro with the PS2 and play through some classic games.

The Retro Saga begins with Genji: Dawn of the Samurai.

The J360 PowerPlay is here!

Thursdays at 5pm.

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