The J-Man Show#107: Carnival of Confusion and Cluster Fudges (07/18/19)

The J-Man Show#107: Carnival of Confusion and Cluster Fudges

This week J looks at a variety of topics such as why he doesn’t discuss Trump as often on the show, the racism debacle, and the Epstein affair. He will also look into some of the bizarreness that has surrounded entertainment such as Cats getting a movie.

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The J-Man Show Ep.65: Dem Tapes Tho…

This week J goes back into battle with Incompetence Inc, and tries to speak about why you should try to gain as much information as possible. For there are plenty of people who are doing what they can to stifle and silence their critics. Unfortunately there’s too much going on so he will have to pick his battles with this one and in imitating Trump, you may hear a temporary illness.

You have a responsibility to the media you consume, just as we do performing and creating for you all.

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The J-Man Show#4: Political Swamp with Monsters (12/13/16)

The J-Man Show#4: Political Swamp with Monsters

This week J discusses Trump’s Cabinet picks, issues surrounding the Swamp in Washington D.C. and talks about Monster Movies he’s looking forward too regarding the Mummy, Godzilla, Pacific Rim 2, and touching base on the horror genre.

J360 Question of the Week: If you could have the movie rights to any intellectual property of your choice, what would it be? (Answer on twitter or in comments below.)

Production Notes: This Episode was recorded Monday Dec 12, 2016 and it will be the start of more Monster Movies to be covered. It was a little late due to the sudden news of Trump’s last pick.

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Trump’s Cabinet article: (You may need another one for Secretary of State.)