Song Of The Night 09/03/18 Monday Night Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

How’s Monday going for you all? I hope well as we’ve got a lot to look into as we’re moving through the grind week.

I want you all to remember as we go through this scenerio time and again that in order to achieve all that you want in life. You do have to put some effort into your passion and goals.  We’ve got plenty to strive for and if you feel as though words aren’t enough we can always listen to the sweet sounds provided to us from our friends on the indie music scene.

The grind can be overbearing and annoying at times but sometimes you just have to keep pushing like it’s the end of days just to make realization out of your goals.  Ironically I know of something that can get you pushing for your goals made by a great composer known as Johnny Rehab, and we’re going to listen to his song “Woken.”

Since this is Johnny’s debut on our page, I would like to call for an encore and that means we’re going to listen to another track.

This song is the title track from his latest album “End of Days.”

I think Johnny Rehab has a strong foundation in the Music scene don’t you?

If you agree, feel free to show him some support and love on his bandcamp page here.

We’ve got more to look into as the week rolls out so don’t let the Monday blues get you down J360 Legion.

Stay up and follow along for the next level awaits.


Song Of The Night: 01/07/2018 Sunday Night Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

It’s a new year which means plenty of new experiences and content coming your way from all of us here at J360 Productions.  Now while our Radio Station is back in action we’ve also made quite a lot of friends in the musical field and plenty of them you may know through various apps.  We hope to grow our circle your listening tastes, and their fandom by presenting their work in a feature we’d like to call Song of The Day and Song of The Night.

We start up on our presentation with a Song of The Night feature.

Tonight’s song is called “Midnight Call” by D-Noise.

Never miss out on the call to new adventures, and this is the perfect time to answer any calls you may receive.

If you love the sounds of D-Noise, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

The first week of the new year might be over but sometimes it’s not about when you start, it’s just as long as you start your process.  There’s no more times for delays you should always keep moving in your efforts and let’s make 2018 the year where we all become better then what we were.

I know our musician friends are already burning up some new tracks to bring it all in,so let’s all follow suit in creating something fresh this year.

Song Of The Night: 09/05/17 Triple Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion, what an incredible three days we’ve had wasn’t it? Except for those of us who have to make the vacation count between outrageous job scheduling (trust me I know).  However you didn’t get any entries for this feature throughout those days so I’m making it up for you all by giving you a unique look into Triple Tuesday.

Three great tracks made by various musicians across the world (some we’ve had the honor of calling friends.)  and in doing so it’ll show that we’re always working to give their artists their spotlight, finding inspiration for all of you to keep going in the tough times ahead, and in the end for us in J360 Productions, we get to listen to the best music created.

So everyone wins when it comes to the Song of The Day/Night platform, and we have some awesome people for you to listen to tonight.

First track of the evening is called “Power Strangers” by Dzod ft. JJ Mist.

Next up is the latest single from Espen Kraft called “Love on Hold.”

The final track to take us to a new day is “Soaring” by Kalax.

Each artist here is striving to make their way across the music landscape and making fantastic work by the minute.

Please check out their pages in the following list below.

  1. Dzod
  2. J.J.Mist
  3.  Espen Kraft
  4. Kalax

I know we’re all working off the sluggish Labor Day Weekend and coming to the realization that Summer vacation is gone but it’s ok.  We’ve got more to achieve (Fall is fun too and so is Winter) as we eventually give 2017 its due to make room for 2018.

Songs Of The Night: 06/03/17 Saturday Night Swingin’

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Saturday Night, and before the PowerPlay lands tonight what’s say we set the mood with sone happening grooves?

I know there wasn’t an entry this Friday but you’re in luck cause tonight is a double special too.  Plenty of excellent content to hear tonight with a bit of Dark Synthwave.

Our first track tonight is “Murder at the Arcade” from Vulta ft Tablation.

If you’d like to hear more content from Vulta, his latest album Sigils is available now for listening.

Our 2nd track is “Our Dark Side” from Meteor.

This track is hot off of his latest album “Inner Demon” which you should all look into sometime as it’s perfect to help you through the long nights.

Please show love to the artists of the evening, their Soundcloud pages are provided in the list below.

  1. Vulta
  2. Tablation
  3. Meteor

Great tracks to prepare for the night and since it’s about 9pm, it’s almost showtime so for some of you that aren’t going out tonight see you on the PowerPlay.

Song Of The Night: 05/05/17 Friday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion

My oh my what a night it has been, so much content and such little time but hey it’s what we do here in J360 Productions.  We make time and things happen. Since we’ve given the grind a lot of love. Tonight is all about going out and enjoying the world around us.

Think about it, why stay in?

Guardians of the Galaxy is in theatres now, and there’s plenty of eligible ladies and gents out there as this is Friday Night.  So let’s go about making things happen and listen to the right song to set the mood.  So hang up that grind if you’re off right now, and if you’re going in tonight, here’s something to liven you up as you work.

Tonight’s song is called “Sparks” by Admo.

If you love the sounds of Admo, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Let the night bring you exciting adventures, J360 Legion.

You all deserve it, and Happy Cinco de Mayo to all who are celebrating it.

Song Of The Night: 03/01/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Happy 1st of March!

Since I’ve been on the PM Shift for some time I’m moving the whole feature to it for this week. Tonight is about being random and anything can happen in the middle of the week.  So the J360 Playlist is set to random to just remix and whatever song will appear on the line-up is our Song of The Night.   I think there’s something to bring the grooves and amazing vibes for the night.  Will it be jazzy, rock, synth or club mix? Who knows but we’re going to present it right now.

Tonight’s song is called “Forward Media” by Pumping Body.

If you love the sounds of Pumping Body, please check out their Soundcloud here.

This is a pretty good group to look into throughout the production of this feature.

I know some of you are out there getting prepared for tomorrow while a lot of you are working the night shift right now just like how I am.  Never lose faith in your process, cause as humans sometimes we lose sight of what we need to do by replacing it with what we want to do, and that’s where we can get trapped up in our progress.  What you need to do will never be the same as what you want to do so you have to keep putting your needs first and satisfy your wants when you finish your tasks.   Keep embracing the grind everybody and if you ever have any doubt replay these songs that are shared with you and keep your fire lit.

Songs Of The Day: 02/09/17 Two For Thursday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that time for a Double Trouble special, now that I’m actually getting The J-Man Show Episode 11 together at this current rate, it should be ready by Friday at 12pm.   A Little Unorthodox but it’s still pretty smooth sailing from here on out, and I’ve also planned Episode 12 to follow back on its original day of Wednesday.  So everything will be set to rock again, and I even have the PowerPlay’s format restored to differentiate it from J360 Live.   So are you all enjoying the large snow drift out there? I know I am because in the aftermath I’ll be shoving it (Yay -_-).  Regardless we’ve got to embrace the grind for another day and the best way to start it off is by listening some music for that extra kick. Before Old Man Winter kicks the crap out of the J360 Driveway, there are two excellent songs on the J360 Playlist today to share with you all.

We’re almost to the weekend and a great song to represent that is “Almost There” from Night Runner.

Our 2nd Track is called “On The Run” by Robert Parker, the second single from his new album “Awakening” coming soon on Feb 17.

If you love the sounds of both composers, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages provided via the links below.

  1. Night Runner
  2. Robert Parker

Today’s all about being on the run, and getting things done that should be how you go through life. Just handling your tasks and being helpful as you can while also providing an example that the Younger Generation could aspire to be like.  At least through your artwork, music, and presentations if you’re about the creative life as we all are.   Nothing can stop us especially with the potential and power that we all possess inside.  Keep striving and moving forward in your lives despite what it seems like political wise or hearsay during your daily grind.  Just live each day to the fullest and make it all count for you like the composers featured here do and you’ll make some excellent results.


Song Of The Night: 01/04/17 Wildcard Wednesday: Introspective Night

Hey J360 Legion

I know it’s only the fourth day of the new year, and things seem to be a bit bleak with the oncoming issues of the new administration or just fear of what’s to come.   Well You’re not only in these thoughts but the idea is you can’t just give into them and worry anymore.  Everyone in this world has a lot at stake when it comes to these issues whether we like them or not.  It’s the perfect time for us to test how strong we all are, and if mistakes are made (they will be), we have to be able to account for them.   Never be too hard on yourself because you didn’t make certain advances, get the girl, or the fancy job you wanted.  Every rejection is a redirection and if you follow the path from those areas while keeping your belief in yourself, you can make things happen.    If you need to really think deeply about where you see yourself in the oncoming days or lifetimes, well that’s what the Song of The Night is all about.  We’re going to use this Wednesday Night as a way to reflect on important things and use the energy from that to push us.

Tonight’s track is very deep in its presentation, and it is called “Still Human” by Nowtro.

Such a beautiful empowering track made by Nowtro, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg from his library.  So let’s give him support, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I’d say this not to be rude Legion but if you’re sitting there and not being motivated you’re committing an injustice to the people who believe in you, and yourself.  Take the time to step up and give it your all, you have to keep fighting until you fall.   Time is of the essense and only you can make these things happen, never give up on yourself and feel that you aren’t good enough.  You all have unlimited potential, no matter what height, age, weight or race you are, and it’s all about how you apply your abilities and what you learn throughout the years.   Nothing is the easiest and most disgusting thing you can do even if the world seems like it is against you, you must carry on.    You will fail from time to time but you must remember you’re due for a win, and it will be in reach.   Let all of these songs that are made by these many composers across the world inspire you to reach to infinite heights.   You see the road and the mountains ahead of you, so we must travel and climb every one of them so that we may see the peak, and you must do it despite the ones that tell you not to because they’re too scared to try.

Despite what’s coming to Washington, or to your jobs or anything difficult, you can be stronger than the lo and you must pull your strength together into your focus to handle everything.

Song Of The Night: 01/03/16 Tuesday Night Overdrive

Hey J360 Legion

Sorry for the delay on the Song of The Night for this Tuesday, I was busy working on the all new J-Man Show Episode#6. It’s currently on Soundcloud at this link if you haven’t checked it out yet.  Meanwhile I’ve been listening to plenty of great hits to keep me inspired for much of 2017’s first quarter.  It’s going to be an interesting year but as long as I got the right music to go with my drive, circumstances aren’t going to hold me back nor  you as well.   Let’s make things happen and since there’s no time for delays I’m going to share the overdrive track of the night.

Tonight’s track is called “Voltaic Resolve” by Kondrath.

(Keep it into high gear if you have a sound system because this track is awesome.)

If you love the vibes and sounds from Kondrath, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Let’s make 2017 our year legion, as you can hear Kondrath is already bringing the future together along with other creatives that were shared in this feature, and they could use our help in joining in.   So start putting your pedal to the metal and do what you gotta do, it’s time to organize and restructure while focusing on our goals.  Only we can do this and make it happen because it’s our time now and let the process bring you new insights and help you to find the strength to conquer the goals you wish to fulfill.  Never stop your momentum for anyone especially if that’s all they want you to do is stop.

Song Of The Day: 12/12/16 Motivation Monday

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome back to another work week, let’s make things happen today, and don’t start complaining about Monday and being stuck at work.   This is a new beginning for your adventures if you allow it to be.   It’s time to rise and go for the goals we want to achieve the most, and never stop in your pursuit of it.  Matter a fact, let’s add some stoke to the fire, you will need to hear something strong and powerful from the Song Of The Day Playlist to get you going.

Today’s track is called “Fantasy Rider” by Phaserland.

If you love the sounds of Phaserland, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Today’s track is a beautiful outrun for the day because you should think of your grind as an adventure only made for you.  You’ve outlined it, you craft it, and you built it…So you’re able to go and handle what you need to do in order to make your success come within reach.  Will there be failures? Yes but you don’t let that stop you, you’re all only human and you gotta keep pushing yourself to make it. So no more complaints and gripes about Monday, it’s a regular day like any of them but it’s up to us to make them spectacular and use it for our motivation.