The J360 MIniBytes#18: Star Wars Ep.9 Trailer Thoughts

Starting off the new week right, we managed to get a 2nd teaser/D23 Expo Trailer with Star Wars Ep.9 and what’s happening with it? An evil Rey? an Evil C3PO? Will J Redeem Episode 7 and 8? Find out here!

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Thor:Ragnarok Teaser Trailer

Finally after days and months of anticipation, the Thor 3 Teaser is here!

What happened to Thor’s Hammer?

Why is his hair short?

WTF is going on in Asgard?

So many questions as per usual when it comes to the MCU but even in Fall, things are going through a significant change in the trend started from Ultron, Civil War, and now.

I won’t even bother with trailer commentary right now, just check it out and we’ll discuss more in another posting!

Thor: Ragnarok comes to theaters on November 3, 2017.

Watch “‘The Mummy’ Official Trailer (2017)

It has finally landed, come take a look at the Official Trailer for the Mummy coming next year. I still have optimism around this film perhaps Universal knows what they’re doing with this entry in their monsters-verse. I can’t wait to see more of the mayhem this Evil Princess will unleash. Now it does tend to have more action adventure than horror in this trailer but maybe the true film will mix horror elements of the old ones, and the thrill ride aspects of the 90s ones.

Anyways I’m going to see what it’s all about next year but what do you all think?

Discuss in the comments below or via Twitter @j360productions.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Full Trailer

Dare I say it but December cannot come soon enough, I can’t wait to see how this movie will unfold and if there’s any links or easter eggs to what’s going on in the new trilogy regarding Rey’s lineage.   I love how it seems to have a grittier atmosphere too and it even has IP Man’s Donnie Yen as a character. While we’re on the subject of characters each one in this film has an underlying story all their own which is a refreshing take and makes me care. Another positive is that this film takes place within the 19 year gap between Episode 3 and 4, a smart move and plenty of ground to craft new stories.

This film could very well be my top pick for 2016 followed by Dr. Strange, and at the end it will at least be in my top 3.

Anyways enough of my thoughts, what do you all think of Rogue One so far?