Song Of The Night 09/18/18 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

We’re going to do something a little different tonight, I’m letting our indie musicians chill out a bit to create something awesome while presenting something inspirational to ignite something in you all.

Sometimes when things get tough we need a “fight song” to keep pushing us forward and since I’ve been listening to some great stuff from other forms of media such as Video Games.  It’s time for that Turbo Tuesday motivation to kick in so we can get some work done!

Tonight’s song is made by legendary creator Mick Gordon (composer of the 2016 DOOM Soundtrack) feat. Omega Sparx and it’s one of the baddest tracks from the Killer Instinct soundtrack for TJ Combo called “Back to Rise!”

This song has hype written all over it, and just by listening to the greatness I’m ready to get some much needed projects out of the way.

If you love the sounds of Mick Gordon, feel free to check out his YouTube Channel here and show your support.  If you want to see what Omega Sparx is up to you can check out his page here.


Song Of The Night: 05/26/18 Saturday Night Grooves

It’s finally Memorial Day Weekend, and I know some of you just can’t wait to get out there and experience the fun in the sun (If you haven’t already).  I’m just chilling and resting up from handling some assignments that I had to take care of on the side. Which is why The J-Man Show Ep.56 is a little late.

However this is the perfect time for you all to hear a Song of The Night entry for this Saturday and I found a great track created by Ms. Moon Raccoon with assistance from Dimi Kaye called “One must fall 2097.”  It’s a cover of the theme song from the classic video game of the same name.

Great sounds eh? I know the retrogamer in me is pretty charmed to see how these tracks keep the spirit of a time gone by alive.  Nothing but respect for these people using their craft to make fine music.

If you love the sounds and retro vibes from both artists tonight, feel free to support them via the links below.

  1. Ms. Moon Raccoon
  2. Dimi Kaye

Song Of The Night: 02/23/18 Friday Night Fever

Well J360 Legion another Friday has landed, and we have a great song to share with you all to set the tone.

Some of you might be going on dates, others to the movies, and plenty of you are just out and about. I would say we’re all just going on much-needed adventures to add excitement to our lives.

So tonight’s track is very important and it is called “Night Music” by Hello Meteor.

Brillant track eh? Perfect for the evening hijinks you think? So many infinite possibilities for this calming yet exciting song.

If you love the sounds of what your heard tonight please support Hello Meteor by checking out his page here.

Until next time Legion, enjoy your evening, and at least try to keep the party legal.

Song Of The Day: 10/21/16 Friday Remixes

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve been trying to figure out how to make Friday special for this feature at J360 Productions, and decided that Fridays are all about the remixes.  We will present special remixes from other indie creatives to give them their moment in the sun. These remixes can vary from covers, video games, electronic experiments, b-sides or virtually anything with a beat.  You know a lot of great musicians started off by remixing their favorite songs in addition to developing their sound so this is a special day.   While most of you are working towards the weekend and some of you are getting prepared for a weekend grind why not take the time to listen these tracks.

Today I’ll be sharing four tracks made by a great remixer and musician known as The Audio Sprite. He has rearranged various themes from gaming, tv, and movies and he is true to his name. As large as his track listing is he may have made the perfect arrangement from one of your favorite themes.

The 1st track is a remix from Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) called “Daybreak Over Green Hill Zone.”

The 2nd track will be “Mega Man X: Flame Mammoth Remixed.”

The 3rd track is “Vampire Killer from Castlevania (Halloween’16 remix).”

The 4th and final track is “Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Chemical Plant- Toxicity of Production.”

If you love the sounds feel free to connect with Audio Sprite via his soundcloud here.

Big thanks for remixing and arranging the music, Sprite.

You’re amazing, and Keep up the good work.

Same goes for the rest of the J360 Legion, don’t forget to always challenge and push yourselves so you can create great content as well. Make the right moves as you embrace your grind.  The Song of the Day isn’t just about listening to great music, it is about connecting, giving inspiration and motivation.  Get out there and handle your business and don’t forget to give credit to those who inspire you and whom you may inspire along the way.